Monday, 2 February 2015

Dusky Leaf Monkey

Last Friday, I had to make a short trip to Ipoh. So over the weekend, I decided to make the most of my time and go "shoot" some wildlife. Ipoh is the major town in Perak, Malaysia. It nestles among beautiful limestone mountains. I decided to explore Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang (Gunung Lang Recreational Park).

From the map above you can see that Ipoh is surrounded by mountains. Gunung Lang park is in the middle of it all. I walked the park looking mainly for birds. I managed to see a pair of blue-eared Kingfisher flying around the lake hunting for fish, a lone White-bellied sea eagle perched for the whole 2 hrs I was there, some Oriental Magpie-Robins and some herons.

As I did my own hunting through my lens, I noticed movement on my right, quite high among trees . I totally did not expect to see this. It was a split second and I grabbed this shot. The one and only shot! and it disappeared into the thick forest.

When I decided that day, to explore this park, I was not all prepared to see something looking like that, staring at me. It must have been just as shocked to see me. I later learnt that this was a Dusky leaf monkey. It had made my weekend trip worth it. I just love it when I get to capture something for the first time, especially in the Wild and not all that common as well. Due to habitat loss, these Leaf monkeys are now listed Near-Threatened according to IUCN.

Here's a Crop of the image.

Time to go wild now!

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