Wednesday, 4 February 2015

What a load of Croc!

Late last year, during one of my usual crocodile hunt at Sungei Buloh Wetlands, I spotted a medium size saltwater crocodile and it had caught a fish. It was quite a mouthful. I decided to stay on it and observe how it was going to eat it's catch.

Crocodiles usually manage to swallow their prey whole. On rare occasions, they have trouble and that's when things get interesting to watch. I was hoping to witness, first hand "discovery channel" stuff.  Sudden thrashing of its head in order to tear its prey to more manageable chunks etc. I was not disappointed.

Remember, this is Singapore we are talking about, a bustling cosmopolitan city that's populated with high rise buildings, Crocodiles?! Hunting! oh yes... at our wetland reserve, a small population is thriving thanks to the Eco-system that we have got for our fauna.

Crocodiles, once almost wiped out from this Island city, have now found a sanctuary to call home - The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. To be able to see a wild crocodile sunbathing or hunting is just something else. Every time at Sungei Buloh you hear kids asking their parents, students asking their teacher or tourist asking the local guide "where is the crocodile". Adults are just as well fascinated by these magnificent creatures and I believe the reason is because these are dangerous and powerful reptiles and demand respect. Just like seeing a wild lion on a Safari in Africa, people are in awe when they spot a crocodile in our local river.

We are so fortunate to be able to see this wild reptile, in its natural estuarine environment, from a safe point. We need not have to travel to Australia or Africa to see creatures in the wild. Its right at our backyard, literally.

Here you can see the crocodile does its thrashing to break the fish to smaller pieces. I manged to capture the sequence of shots.

Lifting its head in preparation of the slingshot.

Unleashing the force..

It worked...

One last fling into its mouth...

Done deal...

As the tide recedes you get to see the size of the beast.

I can't help but repeat that to be able to see these dinosaurs in the wild, in Singapore, is just awesome!! Lets' Go Wild Now!