Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Some Otters

Otters sighting are plentiful these days. Thanks to social media, these mammals are getting a good bit of the limelight. We Singaporeans, deprived of wildlife that is abundant in many other countries, get excited when we seen wild animals up close. 

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve does have it's fair share of wild otters roaming and making this reserve their home. These Smooth Coated Otters are a native of Singapore and they seem to be flourishing all over the Island. There have been sightings of an otter even in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. 

I have observed these wonderful animals just having a really good time in the mud and water.
Here are some images through my viewfinder that I want to share with everyone. Some of these photos have been posted on my Facebook page but I decided to do blog record as well. Thanks for viewing.

Watching an interesting character taking photos of it.

 In full gallop


I think we better go!

I'm outta here!

 Watching me with interest.


Like a Panther!

More to come soon! 

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