Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 - To reach for the skys

One can always try, but to emulate the Masters is a totally different matter. Mud-Skippers are very optimistic fish, trying to reach for the sky after knowing they have conquered land.

But When it comes to the sky, nothing beats our winged friends, especially the high flying Eagles. The True Masters of the Sky. These beauties take to the sky with ease. They take control of the wind and maximize its potential. With excellent eyesight that can distinguish fish from leaf.

So as a first post for 2015 I would like to share a few photos of eagles I've taken in Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve.

The person who coined the term "Dog Fight" must have never seen eagles in combat or in play for that matter. 

White bellied catching fish


The Osprey, a very hardworking bird, would dive into the water to get its catch. Its whole body would at times be completely submerged before emerging with its prize catch. Watch the video below to see it how it catches a fish.

In the video you would see the Osprey go for a fish only to lose it because a White bellied sea eagle tried to steal it of him. Angered at this, the osprey attacked the eagle a couple of times before flying off. You would also be able to see the osprey and eagle maneuverability.

Below is an identical flight bottom view of an adult and juvenile.

Adult White Bellied Sea Eagle above

 Juvenile White Bellied Sea Eagle above

As for the Mud-skipper, aim for the Sky.... Never give up! Keep on Trying!
Have a great 2015 everyone!

Details of Photos and video
Camera used: Canon 7d mk II
Video: Panasonic FZ1000 in 4k downsampled to full HD low bit rate.

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