Thursday, 25 December 2014

Wild Crocodile Eats Fish

Since I just started this blog, with the constant encouragement and persuasion of some of my friends in the nature circle, I realised that they were many occasions this year that I have been fortunate to witness nature at its best or wildest. This is one of them.

To see a truly wild estuarine crocodile (Salty) catch and eat a large fish, bird or even a monitor lizard is something many would call lucky. I just know that if we respect, cherish and are mindful God's wonderful creations, they would just present themselves wonderfully.

I also have been very fortunate to be able to observe and study these beautiful reptiles, in their natural habitat, thriving on our little Island we call home.

Singapore, being such a tiny island with extremely rapid development, loss of forest and mangroves, has left us little in terms of wildlife and nature. Let us conserve and appreciate what we have left.

Now, back to this fellow here....... This very active Estuarine Crocodile (Saltwater crocodile)(Crocodylus Porosus) is known to the Sungei Buloh Staff as Croc Solomon. I discovered him in June 2011 when he was only about 50 cm long. He is now approximately 2.6m. I also discovered that we would be are able to tell different crocodiles of the same species apart, by their features and markings, that was how i could ID this fellow match with old photos i had of him as a baby, but that would be for another write up.

As you can see, he has got quite a large fish, maybe a snapper, and had a hard time swallowing it. It even had to regurgitate the fish that it tried to swallow the wrong side up. You would be able to see that in the video below.

A Close up of this beauty!

After a good 15 mins the fish was gone and with one of the efficient digestive system in the world, almost all of its food becomes body mass. This is why they can go long periods without food. What amazing animals..

Enjoy the video above.

Details of Photos and video
Camera used: Canon SX50HS
with circular polarizer and tripod.

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